I’ve upgraded to Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and I keep getting “Multiple Validation Errors Occurred” messages.  What do I do?

If you were running Do It version 2.5 on a mac with OS X 10.4, after upgrading that mac to OS X 10.5 Do It can have trouble writing that data to disc.  As Do It automatically saves its data every few minutes, a lot of these error messages can be displayed.  This issue has been fixed in version 2.6, which you can download for free from this link.

How do I remove Do It from .Mac/Mobile Me Sync preferences?

Download this linked application.  It will unregister the Do It Client and the Do It Schema.  Run the application, then restart you mac. 

On some systems, unregistering the Client and Schema can still leave an entry in System Preferences titled ‘Do It Lists’ or net.jimmcgowan.todoschema.todoitems.  If this happens, follow these instructions from Apple to remove the entry.

Why do I see ‘net.jimmcgowan.todoschema.todoitems’ in my.Mac Sync preferences?

Normally Do It should list its data as ‘Do It Lists’ in .Mac sync prefs.  If instead you are seeing net.jimmcgowan.todoschema.todoitems, your copy of the Do It application is no longer in the same location on your Hard Drive as it was when you ran it for the first time.  The .Mac sync prefs cannot locate the application to find the user friendly name and icon for the list of sync’able items.  To remedy this quit Do It, move the file <your home folder>/Library/Preferences/net.jimmcgowan.doit.plist to the trash, then re-open Do It.  This will cause Do It to reregister itself with .Mac sync prefs, from its new location.

Why does the black editor window keep changing size?

If there is more information available regarding the items in the editor window (i.e. the deadline, title, link, etc) it will display a [...] icon next to the item title.  If you move the mouse over this icon the window will expand to show you the extra information.  The window will shrink back to normal when the mouse moves out of that general area of the window.




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